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Kansas City’s Factory Direct Carpet & Flooring Specialists

We serve the entire Greater Kansas City Area. Contact Us to talk about your next k彩平台 improvement project.  We offer free advice and estimates on jobs.

scheduling Schedule an appointment today for Flooring Direct of KC to come visit your k彩平台 or stop by our showroom.  



Considering an In-k彩平台登陆 Consultation?
Are you wondering what would it be like to see the carpet or flooring you’re considering, in your k彩平台, before you purchased it? Schedule a visit today to see what a difference it can make to see new flooring, on your floors, before you buy! It’s free! Schedule your appointment now.



Carpeting can add beauty, value, comfort and mood to your k彩平台. Carpeted floors cushion impact and soften noise. They are often engineered to resist staining and fading, and made to withstand heavy traffic. Carpet is an excellent choice for your k彩平台. Check out our carpet flooring section for details.

Hardwood flooring can create a timeless, classic look that adds warmth and character. The natural characteristics of wood floors add depth and a visual appearance that many other types of floors try to duplicate. Check out our hardwood flooring section for details.

Tile and stone floors are exceptionally beautiful solutions. When installed correctly, these floors will last a lifetime.  Tile and stone are natural materials and are environmentally friendly products. Check out our tile and stone flooring section for details.

Laminates are highly durable. They have advanced styling and construction, are easy to maintain, and are an excellent choice for your k彩平台, especially for those high traffic areas. Check out our laminates flooring section for details.

Vinyl is popular in kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms because of it’s moisture resistance and durability. Vinyl can be the right product at the right price for your flooring application.  Check out our vinyl flooring section for details.

We work with you to pick out the best products for your new floor and handle all the ordering and and installation of the product.  We have over 10 years experience in professional installation and room transformations.  Schedule a free k彩平台 estimation for your next project.

Professional installation



Thank you for contacting Flooring Direct of KC.  We have been serving the greater Kansas City area for decades.  Give us a call and let us install your next beautiful set of hardwood floors or carpet. – Jim Terrell


Our Mission


Send us a message below to set up an appointment and/or tell us about your next project.





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